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Beyond the Baltic

Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC brings to Euro Truck Simulator 2 the countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, parts of western Russia, and the south of Finland.

Dozens of new cities, towns, ports and villages, new industries, thousands of kilometers of roads await. You’ll drive through vast swathes of low lying, verdant landscape, dotted with relics of past ages, as well as stark reminders of the great upheaval of the last century. For the first time you will drive into Russia and visit the great northern metropolis of Saint Petersburg. Going further, you will enter populous and industrially rich regions of Finland, where you can enjoy the unique experience of driving efficient High Capacity Transports.

You’ll meander your way around lakes and rivers, and forests of pine and birch will often close upon you as you journey through these countries of quiet, subdued beauty. Welcome to the lands beyond the Baltic Sea…

  • Over 13 thousand kilometers of new in-game roads
  • Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia to explore
  • Southern Finland containing major cities and industry
  • Russian territory including Saint Petersburg and Kaliningrad
  • 24 new major cities and many smaller towns
  • Characteristic Baltic architecture
  • Famous landmarks and recognizable places
  • Brand new unique 3D-assets
  • Lush climate accordant vegetation
  • Local AI trains, trams, and traffic cars
  • Over 30 new local company docks and industries
  • Finland-only High Capacity Transport (a tractor and two long trailers)
  • Baltic-region achievements to unlock

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Euro Truck Simulator 2


Reisen Sie als König der Strassen durch Europa, als Lastwagenfahrer, der wichtige Ladungen in weiter Ferne zustellt! Mit dutzenden Städten aus Großbritannien, Belgien, Deutschschland, Italien, den Niederlanden, Polen und vielen mehr wird Ihre Ausdauer, Ihr Geschick und Ihre Geschwindigkeit bis...




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verbindet Kugelhagelhölle mit FPS-Genre und bietet eine der größten Waffenanpassungsoptionen in Videospielen.
Fertige Waffenmonstrositäten, kämpfe gegen riesige Endgegner, und besiege eine Alien-Roboterarmada, die die Erde erobert hat.


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Railway Empire

? DAILY DEAL ? Save 50% on Railway Empire!

In Railway Empire behaupten Sie sich mit Ihrem Eisenbahnemperium gegen die gerissene Konkurrenz und führen Ihr Unternehmen erfolgreich ins 20. Jahrhundert.



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Heroes & Generals

Free veteran membership for German Unity Day



Soldiers from all over the world join together in Heroes & Generals to make a difference. To make friends. And to be victorious in the battles and the war.

Today, 3rd of October is German Unity Day, which is the national day of Germany. It commemorates the anniversary of German reunification in 1990.

For this reason we are giving all players in Heroes & Generals a nice free voucher with 24 hours of veteran membership that you can make use of no matter where in the world you are from.

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